Company name MIT Holdings Co., Ltd. Establishment December 1, 2009
CEO Hiroshi Suzuki Capital 279.67 million
Head office location Chiba prefecture Chiba city Mihama-ku Nakase 2-chome 6 address 1
WBG Marive West 24th Floor 〒261-7124
TEL +81-43-239-7252 FAX +81-43-239-7260
Number of employees 12(April, 2021) URL
Implementing group management / financial strategy formulation, recruitment planning, employee education planning, quality management, subsidiary company management and other incidental or related businesses.
Company name System IO Co., Ltd. Establishment January 11, 1990
CEO Shinji Noyama Capital ¥ 100 million
Head office location 〒108-0073 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-14-10 Mita 3-chome MT Building 9th Floor
TEL +81-3-6809-4802 FAX +81-3-6809-4805
Number of employees 162(April,2021) URL
Engaged in system development mainly concerning social infrastructure systems, such as public office, telecommunications carriers, financial, life and nonlife company.Also centered on biometric authentication and unique work balance support tools.We are developing solutions to solve customer issues.
Company name NetValue Co., Ltd. Establishment June 1, 2004
CEO Masao Nakamori Capital ¥ 25 million
Head office location Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Castle District 2-1-61
Twin 21 MID Tower 26th Floor 〒540-6126
TEL +81-6-6910-0830 FAX +81-6-6910-0831
Number of employees 108(April, 2021) URL
Based on the Kansai region, we have developed services, such as system development, infrastructure construction, operation support service, etc. for customers of communication and energy relations · general corporations, and received trust and appreciation.
Company name BIGAL Co., Ltd. Establishment September 26, 2007
CEO Norihisa Masuda Capital ¥ 15 million
Head office location Chiba prefecture Chiba city Mihama-ku Nakase 2-chome 6-1
WBG Malibu West 24th Floor 〒261-7124
TEL +81-43-239-7450 FAX +81-43-239-7260
Number of employees 32(April, 2021) URL
Based on expertise on construction field and image processing technology such as drawings, photographs and images, we provide e-municipalities and solutions related to CALS / EC. We provide media solutions based on IT technology and video technology.
Company name Vision Links Myanmar Co.,Ltd. Establishment September 15, 2015
CEO Tomonari Kuwabara Capital 50000 USD
Head office location 11 Floor, Room No. 1101, Sakura Tower , Bogyoke Aung San Road,
Kyauktada T/S, Yangon, Myanmar .
TEL +95-09-455677603 FAX
Number of employees 22(April,2021) URL
Based on MIT holdings group companies’ high technical capabilities and abundant services, we aim to integrate with Myanmar’s own resources and aim to be a company that can contribute to the future of Japan and Myanmar through ICT along with local employees.