Company NameMIT Holdings Co., Ltd.
(MIT = Most Impressive Technology)
EstablishedDecember 1, 2009
Stock Capitalization286,710,000 Yen
Head Office〒261-7124
World Business Garden Marive West 24th Floor, 2-6-1 Nakase,
Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-7124, Japan
TEL 043-239-7252
FAX 043-239-7260
Number of employees15 (April, 2022)
Configuration OfficerRepresentative Hiroshi Suzuki
of directors
Director    Norihisa Masuda
Director    Masao Nakamori
Director    Shinji Noyama
Director    Eiji Mikata
Director    Gaku Ikezu
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
                Yoshikazu Numakura
                Naoki Higashizono
                Keiji Yamanishi
Consolidated SubsidiariesSYSTEM IO Co., Ltd.
NetValue Co.,Ltd.
BIGAL Co.,Ltd.
APS Co., Ltd.
Orange Computer Co.,Ltd.
Vision Links Myanmar Co., Ltd.

The MIT HOLDINGS Group is developing information service business based on IT technology. We propose optimal solution for customers with experienced IT technology and advanced IT technology.
The main business of the Group is as follows.

System Integration Business

The system integration business will be a business focusing on computer support, including system development and introduction for government agencies and enterprises. We have been constructing many systems mainly in sectors and businesses involved in social infrastructure. We analyze the customer’s request system and contents of targeted work and provide a system that is optimal for customers with flexible ideas and proposing appropriate languages and tools without being caught by manufacturers.


Digital Marketing Solution Business

In April 2018 we transferred business and entered the e-book business.

You can easily create and distribute books from PDF data and further analyze them.
We can publish corporate information, product information etc. to consumers for the consumer, or share in-house materials / manuals with privilege and private disclosure.
In addition, the heat map / access analysis function can also be used as standard, and it can be used as a marketing strategy and marketing utilization tool.

· E-learning / school education / smart device learning · Office document management / company information / technical data / sales tools
· Consignment of municipalities related to digitization (data entry, business substitution etc.)
· Catalog / brochure / leaflet / EC site cooperation etc.

· You Cain · Nagoya Railway · Dinos

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CAD Solution Business

Based on expertise on construction field and image processing technology such as drawings, photographs and images, we provide e-municipalities and solutions related to CALS / EC.

· All business related to e-municipalities · Consulting, system construction, system development accompanying computerization of local governments
· Consignment of municipalities related to digitization (data entry, business substitution etc.)
· Consulting related to electronic application, electronic delivery, system development, system sales
· Agency for electronic application and electronic delivery
· Dispatch of CALS / EC engineers accompanying electronic delivery
· Digitization of drawings and forms

Security Solution Business

We provide security solutions that ensure customers’ security and security, including face authentication, fingerprint authentication, vein authentication, card authentication authentication, and surveillance camera system.

・Face authentication system
・Vein & Fingerprint Authentication System
・Fingerprint authentication system
・Other security

Drone ministerium solutions

Based on the Drone Pilot Development Education Business, we operate the Drone International Association (DIA), which provides total solutions on drones to IT solutions, media and EC. From now on, the drone will increase the variety of scenes to be used, “to work”, “to hobby”, “to make friends”. We will provide a new service to make the drones flight safely and fun.

Other Business System Solution Business For customers who have troubles such as “system department has no special part, · there is not a strong person in IT, so systematization will not progress” 」and so on, we will provide services to undertake business system development for end users We are actively developing. We will propose the best system to solve various customer’s problems by utilizing abundant system development experience gained by system integration and IT technology.   ・Smile @ chime   ・Appointment appointment system   ・Pharmaceutical Fixed Inventory Trading System Content Business We are managing free media sites that deliver new information of various companies around the world and website creation. · Exhibition portal site “Kirara @ EXPO” · Construction of website for companies Welfare Business For Individuals We utilize skills and know-how that we have cultivated in the group, and we are doing welfare business for individuals. · Portable bill validator for visually impaired people · Elderly watching service Education Business Utilizing the characteristics of each group company, we conduct education business utilizing IT. · Programming class for primary school students “Hello World” · PC School Management “Fujitsu Open College”
Company name MIT Holdings Co., Ltd. Establishment December 1, 2009
CEO Hiroshi Suzuki Capital 279.67 million
Head office location Chiba prefecture Chiba city Mihama-ku Nakase 2-chome 6 address 1
WBG Marive West 24th Floor 〒261-7124
TEL +81-43-239-7252 FAX +81-43-239-7260
Number of employees 12(April, 2021) URL
Implementing group management / financial strategy formulation, recruitment planning, employee education planning, quality management, subsidiary company management and other incidental or related businesses.
Company name System IO Co., Ltd. Establishment January 11, 1990
CEO Shinji Noyama Capital ¥ 100 million
Head office location 〒108-0073 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-14-10 Mita 3-chome MT Building 9th Floor
TEL +81-3-6809-4802 FAX +81-3-6809-4805
Number of employees 162(April,2021) URL
Engaged in system development mainly concerning social infrastructure systems, such as public office, telecommunications carriers, financial, life and nonlife company.Also centered on biometric authentication and unique work balance support tools.We are developing solutions to solve customer issues.
Company name NetValue Co., Ltd. Establishment June 1, 2004
CEO Masao Nakamori Capital ¥ 25 million
Head office location Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Castle District 2-1-61
Twin 21 MID Tower 26th Floor 〒540-6126
TEL +81-6-6910-0830 FAX +81-6-6910-0831
Number of employees 108(April, 2021) URL
Based on the Kansai region, we have developed services, such as system development, infrastructure construction, operation support service, etc. for customers of communication and energy relations · general corporations, and received trust and appreciation.
Company name BIGAL Co., Ltd. Establishment September 26, 2007
CEO Norihisa Masuda Capital ¥ 15 million
Head office location Chiba prefecture Chiba city Mihama-ku Nakase 2-chome 6-1
WBG Malibu West 24th Floor 〒261-7124
TEL +81-43-239-7450 FAX +81-43-239-7260
Number of employees 32(April, 2021) URL
Based on expertise on construction field and image processing technology such as drawings, photographs and images, we provide e-municipalities and solutions related to CALS / EC. We provide media solutions based on IT technology and video technology.
Company name Vision Links Myanmar Co.,Ltd. Establishment September 15, 2015
CEO Tomonari Kuwabara Capital 50000 USD
Head office location 11 Floor, Room No. 1101, Sakura Tower , Bogyoke Aung San Road,
Kyauktada T/S, Yangon, Myanmar .
TEL +95-09-455677603 FAX
Number of employees 22(April,2021) URL
Based on MIT holdings group companies’ high technical capabilities and abundant services, we aim to integrate with Myanmar’s own resources and aim to be a company that can contribute to the future of Japan and Myanmar through ICT along with local employees.